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A. CO2 Footprint

Sustainability in business activities is becoming increasingly important within organisations and institutions. The economical use of energy and the reduction of CO2 emissions are of great significance to mankind and the environment. For a considerable amount of time SPL Powerlines Nederland has been concerned with the issue of energy efficiency. As an environmentally conscious organisation we would like to provide information in this document about the company’s ‘CO2 Footprint’ in terms of its direct and indirect use of fossil fuels. read more

B. Policy Statement

SPL Powerlines Nederland is a subsidiary of Powerlines GmbH. The holding is comprised of several companies responsible for, and specialised in, tasks such as the planning and construction of catenary systems. For decades the company was one of the main providers of catenary systems and materials for Deutsche Bahn and regional train operators. Powerlines has an excellent reputation for the technical planning and construction of catenary systems in Europe read more

B. Energy Management Plan

Plans are made and checked on an annual basis using the Energy Management System. Our goal will be to achieve the CO2 reduction targets. The details are provided in this Energy Management Plan. The plan will be reworked annually or according to requirements and ultimately passed up to the management for approval. The Energy Audit report details opportunities to join in initiatives for CO2 reduction, and other means of achieving CO2 reduction targets within the company and in the execution of projects. The measures selected are all listed in the Energy Management Plan. read more

C. Communication Plan

This is the SPL Powerlines Nederland communication plan. It is structured according to the certification procedures in the CO2 Performance Ladder. It documents how communication is dealt with by SPL Powerlines Nederland according to 3.C.2 in the 'CO2 Performance Ladder – ‘Working together to reduce CO2’ - Handbook 2.1' (published by the SKAO). It also explains how internal and external information on the CO2 Footprint and the associated quantitative targets should be communicated. Themes such as energy policy, individual contributions to CO2 reduction, current energy consumption and corporate trends are dealt with in several communiques. read more

D. Initiatives

In the pursuit of SPL Powerlines Nederland to reduce CO2 emissions, we looked for initiatives for CO2 reduction in the industry. As a partner for overhead line construction work within the railway industry, we found the platform Sustainable Supplier. The Sustainable Supplier is the platform for organizations investing in sustainability. The initiative helps suppliers in setting up a sustainable business and clients to find sustainable suppliers. Results of active participation in the board meetings are shared within the organization. Inventory reduction initiatives: SPL Powerlines Nederland explores the possibilities to further reduce CO2 by looking at new reduction opportunities within its business.