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SPL Powerlines Nederland specialises in the electrification of railways. The company plans, constructs and maintains overhead lines systems for local and intercity transport. The local public transport sector includes the construction of tram lines, trolley-bus and local underground train systems. One of Powerlines‘ great strengths in this field is its capacity to provide a full range of services in the implementation of high-speed and standard lines, and narrow-gauge railways. These services can also be provided in climatically and geographically challenging regions. read more
SPL Powerlines Nederland is constantly working on new solutions. Although safety is given top priority these solutions also produce large economic benefits. read more


The company plans, constructs and maintains overhead line systems for local and intercity transport.  
SPL Powerlines Nederland plans and erects catenary systems for tram lines, local city trains and industrial railways, according to the very latest standards. A modern city without electrically powered public transport is unthinkable. Catenary systems have become part of a city’s identity and enable people to live their lives on a day-to-day basis. The corresponding power supply system, or especially customised combination of technologies, is constructed in complete accordance with the requirements of the customer, whether it’s a single or double catenary system, overhead contact line, third rail or ceiling-mounted conductor rail system. Our installation engineers are all-rounders with in-depth knowledge of the specific system types and architectures. They are trained to find the most suitable solutions, however complex the challenge – be it at large junctions, in depots or railway stations.  
The trolley-bus is a means of public transport with a long history. By the mid-20th century it had become widespread in European cities as it was not dependant on the existence of tracks. As municipalities increase efforts to become more environmentally friendly, modern trolley-buses with electric motors are in increasing demand. They are healthier for the environment than equivalent diesel-powered vehicles and their positive acceleration capacities allow them to be used in areas with steep inclines. SPL Powerlines Nederland erects complete catenary systems for trolley-buses. When implementing catenary systems each city has its own peculiarities, particularly of a structural-architectural nature (statics etc.), all of which have to be taken into consideration.  
SPL Powerlines Nederland is the all-rounder for ‘Third Rail’ projects. The company provides proven A-Z solutions, completely focused on the needs of its customers and their specific requirements. The scope of services offered includes planning, development, delivery, assembly, commissioning and maintenance – all from a single source. The ‘Third Rail’ is an economical, versatile, high-performance power rail system, both above-ground and in modern tube train tunnel systems. read more


High speeds, shorter intervals and the accompanying increase in power consumption all underline the need for today’s catenary systems on intercity routes to comply with the very highest standards. SPL Powerlines Nederland is the specialist for catenary systems on standard and high speed rail routes in the mainline segment. The company plans and implements the construction of new catenary systems and the expansion, modernisation and maintenance of existing ones for AC and DC. read more