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"...Responded immediately to all of our requirements that are above and beyond the norm for your standard labour requests and have trained and invested in your staff to enable the project to continue unhindered, with top quality staff. The guys are entusiastic, engaged and willing to learn..."

Greg Salisbury
Senior Project Manager
Carillion Powerlines, MMLE

"...We find your service to be prompt and honest and find the operatives that you put forward to be appropriate to the tasks and have good attitude and behaviours. We intend to continue procuring SPL Rail Resourcing Ltd for our labour and safety critical needs moving forward and look forward to a fruitful long standing working relationship..."
Richard Furlong
Managing Director
City Surveys & Monitoring Limited

"...Grateful to have such a strong team of staff supporting this project...Your efforts have ensured staff (AECOM or otherwise) are always safe to work within tunnels and optimised the rate of construction activities to keep the project on programme. You have represented yourselves and the company admirably...I appreciate the extra effort you have gone through to overcome our own challenges..."
Cheryl O┬┤Sullivan
Resource Manager